A new generation of turn-shaft hydraulics from Lupold

For universal use in medical technology and industry

The ideal solution for lifting and displacement operations, allowing heavy loads to be easily moved by manual or foot operation.

Pump, tank, pressure pipe, and piston rod - all combined in one system that is ready to install.

This allows even non-experts to integrate hydraulic drives into lifting and handling devices without any problems:



  • Scissor lifts
  • Parallelogram lifts
  • Linear units
  • Lever constructions / crane arms

Advantages of the compact hydraulic
turn-shaft actuator

  • Optimal overall operating costs
  • Maintenance-free
  • Long-life performance, available at any time
  • Completely off the line; no cables
  • Simple assembly
  • Resistant to water, cleaners and disinfectants

Premium compact hydraulics from


  • Safest overall concept up to 4-fold safety
  • Highest thrust 14,7 kN
  • Perfect control of lowering speed
  • Outstanding industrial design
  • Can be optimally cleaned

The ideal solution for lifting and displacement operations, allowing heavy loads to be easily moved by manual or foot operation.

Suitable for precise movement in the clean areas of medical technology as well as for heavy-duty applications in the industrial environment.

Medical technology:

Treatment tables, treatment couches, therapy beds, healthcare beds, rehabilitation tables, mobile function care chairs, patient transport tables, instrument tables

Rehab and sport:

Special devices for rehab, sport and as well combination of both areas


Lifting tables and tilting tables of all

categories for warehouse technology,

assembly technology, handling technology, tool handling and production


Strong overall concept

Both the overall concept of the hydraulic system and its equipment are part of the premium range:


  • Designed on basis of 4-fold security for medical technology
  • Extra strong version with 14.7 kN thrust at double safety for the industry
  • Pressure control valve on the operator side to avoid lifting of high loads or at the time of a collision
  • Hydraulic pressure limitation by pressure control function in extended position to avoid further pressure build-up
  • Optional load side pressure limitation
  • Lowering control valve for load independent constant lowering speed along the stroke

System advantages

  • Pump, tank and cylinder in 1 unit: also easy to install for non-hydraulic engineers
  • Compact manual actuator with high power density for high thrust with 
    non-electrical energy consumption
  • Maintenance-free at practically no extra cost during its planned service life
    of the complete device
  • Without mains connection or flat battery anytime, anywhere and immediately available; no cable, no preparations before washing
  • No obligatory initial or follow-up tests in accordance to electrical safety requirements
  • Simple assembly for almost every installation position because of several installation standards and customized solutions
  • Clearly silent operation from one or two sides of the complete device and in almost any distance to the hydraulic unit.
  • Baseline dimensions suitable to worldwide standards, detailed adaption without any problems; backwards compatible with other existing hydraulics
  • Hermetically sealed with continuous surface finish to protect against dirt,
    water, cleaning and disinfecting agents.


  • Outstanding design in overall look, details, function, dimensions and cleaning

The “green” drive

  • Manual-mechanical  ergonomic drive instead of pollutive electric based solutions
  • No consumption of electricity, neither in function nor standby mode
  • Positive “Cradle-to-grave” analysis: Often after much more than 20 years of trouble-free functioning, the drive can easily be disassembled by type of material and recycled

Outstanding design

In the “Health & Beauty” field in particular, manufacturers of medical devices and end users often had to do without some desirable features which Lupold now combines in the L030: sophisticated technology, superb appearance, and compact design.

Flowing shapes & smooth


Customer's CI colors possible

With flowing shapes and a smooth transition between the individual components, this drive is ideally designed, since it is usually installed in visible areas of medical devices, the visual appearance thus being very important.

In addition to the standard single-color versions, the hydraulic systems can be supplied on request in the customer‘s CI colors or combined with contrasting colors.


A minimalistic component instead of an obtrusive configuration  of motor, cylinder, operating panel and cables

A compact, minimalist, unobtrusive component  in the visible area of the complete device instead of a voluminous

configuration of functional elements with different materials, varicolored covers and dangerous loose cables between

motor, control and operating switch.

Technical data

Best performance value and optimal adaptability to customer-specific needs

Thrust force up to 14.7 kN

Lifting power up to 10 kN for medical applications and up to 14.7 kN for industrial applications

Lowering process

Lowering control valve for

load independent lowering
speed along the adjustment track


Stroke range from 80 to 400 mm

Stroke can be increased on

request and after technical




Pressure control valve

generally integrated and

adjustable by customer needs; hydraulic pressure limitation by pressure control valve


Can be rotated via adapter pin Ø 38 mm; rotable via flange connection as alternative use to motor drive; screwed tight from below



Connection to piston rod and rotating shaft respectively to customer needs;

colors according to RAL

Universelle Bedienlogik mit vielen Möglichkeiten

1-Hebel-Betätigung für einfache und eindeutige Bedienung:

Universal operating logic providing many possibilities

1-lever actuation for clear and easy operation:

  • Two possible actuation directions for the pumping movement; Lowering movement respectively in the opposite direction
  • Installation position in accordance to the actuation direction; can be customized
  • Pedal with auto-return function


2-side actuation possible through rotary shaft acting on both sides:

  • Any type of lifting device can be operated from two sides
  • The pedal can be positioned at almost any distance from the compact hydraulic system, since a pipe extension transmits the rotary movement of the pedal to the rotary shaft over a long distance; this makes it possible to ensure favorable static conditions for the hydraulic system and to choose, almost independently from this position, an ergonomically convenient place for the pedal


Installation position

Permitted installation positions for actuation direction

The “green” drive

By opting for the L030, both design engineers and end users choose a manual mechanical actuator instead of an electronic alternative which has a negative impact on the environment:

  • Thanks to a purely mechanical technology, neither precious metals extracted in energy-intensive processes nor other environmentally problematic components for motor, battery, and control are needed
  • The drive consumes no electricity at all, neither during operation, nor in standby mode
  • “Cradle-to-grave” analysis: Often after much more than 20 years of trouble-free functioning, the L030 can easily be disassembled by type of material and recycled.

An additional, very positive effect of the manual mechanical drive is the fact that there is no obligation to perform initial and recursive tests according to the standards for electrical safety requirements.

Installation dimensions

As a combination of worldwide standards and individual adaption

The L030 product family matches many existing standards, for example in medical technology.


Worldwide current installation and connection dimensions are the standard dimensions of the new Lupold rotary-shaft hydraulics. Customized solutions can also be provided without difficulty to meet any dimensional requirement.


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Hydraulic turn-shaft actuator L030

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